Great Gable [SOLD OUT] - Vessel 11

Great Gable [SOLD OUT]

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The Australian band Great Gable is marked by their fusion of early 2000s NYC rock with UK-influenced indie, they’ve meticulously crafted a sound that stands uniquely theirs.. Characterized by catchy hooks, sincere lyrics, and an overall aura of warmth and positivity, Great Gable’s knack for creating anthemic, feel-good tunes has garnered them a fervent and rapidly expanding fan base.

Their dynamic sound and electrifying live performances have garnered attention through consistent touring across Australia and New Zealand. Their latest release, ‘Read The Room,’ not only cements their status as one of Australia’s most promising emerging bands but has also attracted international acclaim. The breakout single, So Cool, is a vibrant and infectious track that perfectly encapsulates the band’s distinctive sound. With irresistible hooks, energetic instrumentation, and a contagious chorus, the song captivates listeners and leaves them yearning for more.

This concert is organized by Rotown and V11 and has standing room only.






30 - May, 2024



Deuren open



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