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Evan Uschenko, the accomplished Canadian songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, assumes the pivotal role as the creative force propelling GHOSTWOMAN’s blend of psychedelic garage rock infused with blues and indie elements. Despite the rapid release of their third album, Hindsight Is 50/50, within a mere 18-month span, Uschenko ardently asserts that this particular opus is the one that unequivocally encapsulates the band’s authentic essence.

Uschenko Expounds upon the band’s evolution, stating, “The initial two albums were never conceived as comprehensive works; they resemble pages torn from diaries long consigned to the flames. With the addition of Ille van Dessel as a co-writer and drummer, Ghost Woman has, at last, found its definitive trajectory.” The vocals are bathed in reverb, and the album often hints at its intended meaning rather than delivering it in a straightforward manner. The guitars resonate with greater weight, while the vocals become less readily decipherable. Nonetheless, the entire record cohesively unfolds within a warm analogue sound, punctuated by scarce, yet captivating vocal melodies that guide the listener through the tracks, even if their meaning remains somewhat elusive.

This concert is organized by Rotown and V11 and offers standing room only.

Foto: Valène De Valck


12 - February, 2024



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