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Geishas of Doom

The Lo-Fi punk band Geishas of Doom consists of members from bands such as Birth of Joy, Temple Fang, and Shaking Godspeed. Their music is a primitive, psychotic, and relentless outcry against everything that has veered towards perfectionism, narcissism, polarization, and hypocrisy in today’s world. Their punchy-and-go punk is melodic yet wild, short and concise, and above all delightfully cutting and loud, tearing through like a self-built rally car racing through the desert on its way to freedom.

The group has released four albums, ‘Sick Music for Sicker People’ volumes 1 through 4. Gritty records filled with noise, shouts, and tracks lasting no longer than 90 seconds. An homage to bygone eras, to the heydays of thick mustaches and greasy vinyl. Inspired by the overall flattening of humanity and the DIY underground culture of the 80s/90s (think SST, Discord, Touch & Go), the band, led by two powerhouse drummers, demolishes every stage and festival they grace without mercy.





12 - July, 2024



Deuren open



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