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Don Melody Club

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Originally started as a solo project for home recordings by Donald Madjid (Mauskovisch Dance Band), Don Melody Club has evolved into a captivating live band with five members. This transformation has given rise to the languid Dutch-language synthpop/wave with influences from the 1980s that it is today. The music brings to mind Talking Heads and Doe Maar, with clearly audible dub effects.

Armed with a 1960s drum machine and a couple of synths, Donny began experimenting with new sounds and recorded the album at home. Madjid pays tribute to Dutch literary and musical traditions, including a cover of Ramses Shaffy. In his warm, intimate body of work, catchy pop hooks and infectious beats seamlessly blend with contemplative ballads. This is evident in his recently released 3-part single ‘Koud Kwartier,’ which came out in early September, and on his new EP ‘Zonder Pardon’ which will be released on Excelsior in January 2024.



18 - February, 2024



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