Coach Party + Snow Coats - Vessel 11

Coach Party + Snow Coats

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Life is often irritating enough, Coach Party also understands. That’s why it’s vital to vent the most crippling fears and worst misfortunes in hyper-energetic indie-pop bangers. The hit song Everybody Hates Me turns mascara tears into a rainbow tidal wave: sweet melodies and unruly guitars form an iron fist.

Humans are not simply the easiest creatures: we sometimes become obsessive, we are sometimes very clumsy, ignorant, we are sometimes egocentric, we are sometimes control freaks, we are not always in control of our emotions. Sometimes it feels a bit constricting. Coach Party’s EP After Party is a surefire cure for anyone held hostage by their own worries. A band that seeks solace in pure discharge and madness. The motto: put on your best moshpit shoes today.

Snow Coats


13 - April, 2022



Deuren open



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