Baby's Berserk + O-TIS - Vessel 11

Baby’s Berserk + O-TIS

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Baby’s Berserk

Baby’s Berserk is a electronic dance act with a punk attitude. The Amsterdam four-piece follows in the tradition of Roxy Music, Throbbing Gristle and Malcolm McLaren. This edgy act does not only produce great songs, they also have a really strong visual style, mixing haute couture with flintstone style rags.

Their music both suits perfectly in a gritty punk basement, as in a fancy nightclub, and they will leave both of those places steaming and full of dancing people. Their electronic bee-bop music feels a kind off ‘vintage futuristic’, as a robot blurting out poetic lyrics and creating a fine mix between disco, post-punk and new wave.


04 - October, 2023



Deuren open



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