Visit All V11 Shows for €30 - Vessel 11

Visit All V11 Shows for €30

All gigs, All year, for just €30,-!!!


Become a Vessel 11 V11P

Good news!

With the number of great shows on the rise, we thought we’d step in to introduce V11P, our new V11 Membership that grants access to all our shows.

As a small independent music platform, we thoroughly enjoy and take pride in booking and promoting independent artists from around the world. We want to give the artists the audiences they deserve, and audiences access to the shows we’re putting on. That’s how V11P was born.

The V11P contains the following:

  • A V11P membership keychain that grants you access to all our shows.
  • A welcome drink (this one’s on us!)
  • Bi-monthly mail delivered to your door with a special something inside
  • Deals on dinner, hot tug, etc throughout the year
  • The heartwarming feeling of contributing to & supporting a local music community

Help support our small independent venue so we can keep supporting independent music 🖤


December 11, 2019

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