Summer BBQ

What a beautiful Dutch summer we are having, the barbecue (BBQ) season is in full swing and onboard vessel 11 that’s no exception. Having a bbq with your guests is a great way to experience an informal and social meal-time, whilst enjoying the fresh and locally sourced produce.

The Location

Are you looking for a location you can enjoy the sun when it shines, but not have to worry about the weather if it decides to rain? The Vessel 11 Bow Bar boasts just this. A stunning indoor/outdoor space on a boat in the city centre of Rotterdam, where you can enjoy a BBQ with your guests, rain or shine.

The sides of the roof roll up so you can enjoy the fresh waterside breeze.

BBQ Menu

The menu is curated by our local Rotterdam butcher who carefully sources ‘better life’ and sustainable meats and fish. Whilst also giving special attention to vegetarian dishes and side salads.
Free-range Chicken in ginger, chilli and lemon marinade
Beef burger made from locally sourced, first-class beef seasoned simply with salt, black pepper and parsley
Free range Pork spare-ribs with a light soja based marinade
Filet of Salmon on the skin rubbed with sugar, salt and bay leaves
Grilled summer vegetables (courgette, red onion, garlic, eggplant & beetroot)
Homemade couscous salad with tomatoes, spring onion and celery
Homemade pasta salad with Red pepper, courgette & tomatoes
Puffed Potatoes with cream
Sweetcorn on the cob with (plenty of) butter
Bread & butter

Make a reservation

The boat (and barbecue) can host from 20 – 180 people for a price of €25 per person. Drinks are sold separately and we can tailor the bar to best suit your budget. For more information and to request a booking please visit the rent the boat page and fill in our request a booking form.