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New music

We have all been adjusting to the current state of affairs, and as you know, many artists have been left in a tight situation at the moment. On a brighter note, there’s a lot of new music being made, released and shared around the world at the moment. Here are just a few recommendations we wish to share. We’ll keep doing so until the songs are brought to the stage. Music helps, please remember to support the artists you like ★


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Unfortunately Braids were forced to cancel their show at V11 which was supposed to take place in May. Their Shadow Offerings album will see the light of day on 19 June, but you can already get a feel for it by listening to ‘Snow Angel’. Preorder >>> here.




Las Kellies dropped a new album at the end of March. Packed with great post-punk beats and hooks sided by infectious basslines, this one’s for the win. Listen ↓ preorder >>> here.




Confusing Mix of Nations aka CMON released their self-titled debut earlier this month. The entire pop aspirant album is bewitching, to say the least. Check out the album below and visit here to purchase the digital or physical copies of their music.




Kyle Forester, previous member of  Crystal Stilts and Ladybug Transistor, made a self-isolated track, which is the leading track from his forthcoming album release this year. Preorder >>> here.





Odd Couple are another act which had to cancel their V11 gig. For those who were looking forward to hearing their new music live, don’t worry, that day will come. Until then, please find solace in the digital version. Preorder >>> here.



In the midst of rearranging all the canceled shows as best we can, we’re also want to make use of this time to create something to connect with each other. Please check out our Open Call for Quaran’zine! We’d love to hear what you have to share. We’ll be updating our blog with these thoughts and later, we’ll compile a zine which we will publish and send out to our members.

Much love,
the V11 Crew

April 15, 2020

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