Friday October 5th 2018
Doors open: 21.00
Program starts: 21.30

Tonight in V11 we take a deep plunge into Dutch garage rock of the highest level: The Kryng and The Heck.

The Kryng already make a statement on debut LP Do not Dig These Modern Tymes. Well, why would you want to evolve with such a potent arsenal of brilliant tunes? The heads in The Kryng are notorious for doing exactly that: Arjan Spies (Mark & ​​the Spies), Mark ten Hoor (The No-Goods) and Pieter Kroes (The Keefmen, Low Point Drain) pick from all the incarnations of rock of the past five decades. The quirky melodies of bands like The Beatles and The Kinks, that get-up-and-go enthusiasm of 70s punk and 60s garage, the swirling energy of grunge. Suffice to say, The Kryng are a damn good band.

The garage rockers from The Heck have released two 7-inches on British label Dirty Water Records, Waitin ‘ In Line and For Crying Out Loud. Those titles are perhaps a bit misleading, because The Heck do not need much time to make their point. Or rather, their exclamation mark: Henri Sullman (The Keefmen) yelps and barks over gritty sound projectiles with oozing, sinister venom. The Heck are like the psychotic nephew of Gories and Q65, with some extra gunpowder in the keg.

For fans of: Gories, Reigning Sound, traumahelikopter, The Sonics