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The Fire Harvest has quietly become one of the best bands in Utrecht’s vibrant music scene. For fifteen years, the band have amassed a body of work that navigates somewhere between alt-country, slowcore, and post-rock. To be more specific: a band drawing its spiritual power from artists like Songs: Ohia, Palace Brothers, Smog and Red House Painters.

The Fire Harvest upcoming album is called Open Water. A lot of the material stems from long conversations in the tour van, driving across the German autobahns. The album will appear on March 1st as a joint release by Snowstar and Subroutine Records. First single Not Going To Work gives a first impression with that familiar Fire Harvest magic: weeping guitars, crisp drums and the penetrating howl of Jacco van Elst.

The support act is another old acquaintance: The Secret Love Parade, one of the Dutch suppliers of whip-smart lo-fi pop. Nowadays, every hip indie band uses synths and drum computers, but TSLP’s self-titled debut in 2009 preceded that trend. Ten years later, the time has come for the band to push new boundaries again within the scope of sixties pop of modern electronics.