Thursday 26th July 2018
Doors open: 21.00
Program starts: 21.30

Rotterdam Riot presents: Riot At V11 – Punk Rock On A Boat

The Raging Nathans
Raging Nathans play some of the best ‘Lookout kinda punk rock, hailing from Dayton, Ohio. You want three chord, melodic, bangers? Here you go. Some genius once said “Listening to The Raging Nathans is like having a handful of cold ones, and going on a tubin’ trip to the river, to provide a nice respite from the summer heat.”
For fans of: The Dopamines, Screeching Weasel, Dear Landlord

Aerial Salad.
Aerial Salad are a punk rock-trio from Manchester, UK. They released their debut record ‘Roach.’ last year. ‘Roach.’ is recommended for fans of Jawbreaker and early Green Day. It is injected with an angst ridden vigour, laden with hooks and rawly delivered punk.
For fans of: Jawbreaker, Green Day