Saturday December 22 2018
Doors: 21.00
Program starts: 21.30

Demolishing is a simple job for hardcore punk alliance Ploegendienst. After all, there are plenty of irritations in our daily life to get worked up about. Ploegendienst has gathered more than enough ammunition to level everything to the ground: the hellish tourist plague, those blasted old-fashioned public transport gates, the ungodly system.

Captain of this tight ship is none other than Ray Fuego (SMIB), verbal arsonist and superior supercharger, a man who dismantles every bit of injustice with body and mind in the most corrosive, explicit ways imaginable. His companions have invested a lot of sweat drips in bands like Aux Raus and Adolf Butler in the past. And that’s on a need to know basis.

Ploegendienst comes in V11 doing what it is built to do: restoring and redecorating everything from scratch with an iron wrath. Nothing more than a business transaction, albeit one embracing the sheer aural violence with wry relish. The high-octane might of Ploegendienst is brief, not entirely painless, but always ridiculously exciting.

Richie Dagger is a worthy back-up crew, primarily because subtlety isn’t their forte either. Powerpop, noise punk and post-grunge projectiles that crack and hum like a machine at the breaking point of explosion.