Monday 14th october 2019
Doors open: 21.00
Program starts: 21.30

Oso Oso is the emo project of musician Jade Lilitri. Lilitri started of by doing what a lot of talented musicians do nowadays; uploading your whole record out of the blue on Bandcamp for free and let everybody have it. Thanks to this method his debut album the yunahon mixtape – a collection of punksongs with a bedroom aesthetic – showed up on the radar of Triple Crown Records. Releasing his second album, Real Stories Of People Who Kind Of Look Like Monsters, on the label, Oso Oso shows he’s a real artist. Pitchfork praises Lilitri as a songwriter that is a student and a fan of his biggest inspirations and therefore knows how to hit the right notes.

There’s never a shortage of inspiration for Prince Daddy & The Hyena. The punkanthems from the Albany band capture the power and energy of the collective over the individual. Saying that; their second record Cosmic Thrill Seekers is fully written by frontman Kory Gregory. It has become an ambitious record with three chapters where Gregory gets inspiration from The Wizard Of Oz to sing about the struggles of his mental health. This may sound a bit pretentious but Prince Daddy & The Hyenas brings it with pure joy of life and honesty.