Saturday 12th May 2018
Doors open: 21:00
Program starts: 21:30

Sounds like: Wavves, Best Coast, Korfbal

Garage pop mischief makers Hockey Dad’s base of operation is the Australian coastal town of Wollongong. Apart from the funny name, it’s a place where the warm sun, pale beaches and jamboree prolong and preside. A paradise where you can open a cold one with yer mates each and every day. Naturally, Billy Fleming and Zach Stephenson write insta-appealing fuzzy tunes with a carefree sensibility.

Now, the duo are on the verge of releasing their highly-anticipated second album Blend Inn, the follow up to 2016’s debut Boronia. Where Boronia celebrated the long days of summers past, of mates, the ocean and the sublime naivety of youth, Blend Inn is Fleming and Stephenson coming to us with more perspective following a year of relentless touring which took them far from the streets and waves of their hometown.

Blend Inn holds onto the charm and energy of youth which won hearts originally – the playfulness, the edge, that quintessential Hockey Dad surf rock sound – but it comes to us from two people with an expanded mindset. “We’re still kids,” reflects Fleming. “But we’re just a little bit more… experienced.”