Sunday 3rd June 2018
Doors open: 21:00
Program starts: 21:30

Big Ups are one of the most studious and intense bands of the last five years. They are, as it were, a four-man wrecking crew full of kinetic energy and bile, with unhinged post-hardcore songs that strike like a mallet against the chest. On debut album Eighteen Hours of Static, however, there are just as many hooks and melodies to be found to counterbalance all that deranged frenzy.

In the case of Big Ups, appearances are often deceiving. Second LP Before a Million Universes shows a more reflective, hopeful side of the band. The abrasive noise still reminds us of Steve Albini’s steel wollen sneer, but Big Ups also embrace quietness and gradual build-ups. The title of the album comes from the poem ‘Song of Myself’ by Walt Whitman, in which the author advises to “let your soul stand cool and composed for a million universes.”

For fans of: Cloud Nothings, Fugazi, Girl Band, IDLES