Thursday September 13th 2018
Doors open: 21.00
Program starts: 21.30

With debut Quit The CurseAnna Burch has released one of the most beautiful albums of 2018. American publication Under The Radar once described the album as “an American folk record wearing the skin of an indie rock record.” Indeed, within Burch gleaming garage pop gems, the spirits of Brenda Lee and Nancy Sinatra wander about.

Burch sings about foggy summer days of defunct relationships, substance use and suburban ennui with the detachment of someone who can laugh about it now. While the scars are still visible lyrically, the songs are played with disarming smile and shrug. Fans of both modern indie and more classical pop can appreciate the work of this up-and-coming talent from Detroit on equal terms.

For fans of: Waxahatchee, Amber Arcades, Nap Eyes, Big Thief