Saturday 28th April 2018
Doors open: 21.00
Program starts: 21.30

Sounds like: The Stooges, DOOL, Hawkwind, Black Sabbath

Tonight a juggernaut-like band who herald their live performances with primordial protopunk, only to climax with cosmic currents of Lovecraftian proportions. Only one band on this planet fits these criteria to a tee: Death Alley. This cataclysmic rock ’n roll abomination, led by The Devil’s Blood guitarist Oeds Beydals, is one of the most formidable live acts around, hauling the listener to uncharted territories within heavy guitar music.

The successor to Death Alley’s acclaimed Black Magick Boogieland is called Superbia, an album that paints a completely different picture than your idyllic American Suburbia, with impeccably mowed lawns and white-clad parking garages. No this music navigates you across a dark labyrinth of festering carcasses and elusive shadows, nourishing a constant state of suspense: exciting, groundbreaking and mysterious.

Death Alley has awoken again after a necessary hibernation … and the streets are no longer safe. If Black Magick Boogieland presents the battering ram that breaks open hell’s gates, Superbia’s the blight that engulfs both body and soul. A blight that initially hits you where it hurts, but ultimately, once overcome, Death Alley elicit a life-affirming sense of awe.

+ support : Supersonic Blues