Saturday 17th March 2018
Doors open: 21.00
Program starts: 21.30

Sounds like: Lucas Hamming, Balthazar, Twenty One Pilots

The young and bright singer-songwriter Stuart Mavis (real name Sjoerd Vriesema) has been active within the circuit for a couple of years now: as new addition to Sony Entertainment, his days as a well-kept under-the-radar secret are as good as over.

Mavis’s new single Ocean is a real beaut of a pop song from start to finish: attractive, subtle and layered in its instrumentation, delivered with spellbinding conviction. Imagine a tropical beach in the moonlight, in which his expressive voice and that beautiful trumpet melody light up like a starry sky.

Mavis will perform in V11 tonight with his tight six-piece band, consisting of Kareem Payer (electric guitar), Jurgen Gerlofs (keys, synthesizers), Roald Hacquebord (bass, bass synth), Jurgen Scholtanus (trumpet, percussion, guitar) and Shawn Buckles (drums).